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In March of 2017, Jeremy Collins identified a gap in the podcast listener community: a place where podcast aficionados could come together and talk about the podcasts they love while learning about new podcasts, indie podcasts and connect with hosts. Collins said, "When I created the community, I and most of the people I knew were listening to podcasts but we had nowhere to share thoughts about shows we loved, or find new favorites. It seemed a place like that didn't exist, especially for indie podcast fans, and I couldn't understand why." With that in mind, Collins created the Facebook group, Podcasts We Listen To.
  What started as a small forum on Facebook quickly grew and today is an active, highly recognizable community with over 19,000 members, one of the largest podcast communities on social media. Podcasts We Listen To is the place to go for recommendations about podcasts of all genres, learn more about independent podcasts, new shows or shows that are "new to you."
  Podcasts We Listen To, the community, evolved into Podcasts We Listen To, the podcast, or as members call it, PWLT. The PWLT podcast launched on March 1, 2017, featuring Nina Innstead, host of the independent true crime podcast Already Gone. Collins said "Everyone in the community wanted to know more about hosts of their favorite shows, but hosts don't usually want to spend an episode of their own shows talking about themselves. I created an interview based podcast giving listeners what they wanted: more information about the hosts of the shows they love." Jeremy Collins has interviewed close to two dozen independent podcast hosts, providing a behind the mic experience with Justin and Aaron of Generation Why podcast, Juliette Miranda of the Unwritable Rant podcast, Margo Donahue from Book vs. Movie podcast and so many more.
  Listening to the PWLT podcast is like spending an evening with friends. Listeners ask questions of the hosts prior to the interviews via the PWLT Facebook community. Jeremy Collins creates a warm and welcoming environment for his guests, putting everyone at ease which ultimately creates a deeply personal, often humorous and always interesting interview with each podcast host.

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