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About Podel

Hey all,

My name is Podel - you probably know me from the YouTube channel Podel, where I upload parodies and weird animations.

As I have a strong passion for animation and editing parodies in general, I figured I would start doing this full time, creating a portfolio of work and then moving on with my life in like 6 years or something I don't know. As you may know, these videos, especially animation, can take a very long time - a lot of hours of work for maybe a 3 minute final piece, which is why I am asking for your lovely help.

Basically, with your support, I am able to do this work full time, maybe get some cheerio's from the shop in a break, and support myself financially as I progress forward with this. 

Now of course, you don't have to do anything if you don't want to, but helping me out will make a world of difference for achieving my hopeful career in animation. I've made some rewards as a thank you for anyone who decides to help. So that's about it really, hope you enjoy watching the videos as I release them over time.


$300 – reached! per Video
Hopefully I can get a second monitor and work even faster on projects, would make my life a lot easier.
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