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reward item
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Thanks for the support! As a reward, you will receive exclusive benefits, including:

  • Access to Patreon-exclusive shinies ;exclusives patreon
  • +25% increase to full-odd Shiny Rate
  • +5% increase to event Shiny Rate
  • 100,000 PokeCoins, 10x Rare Candies, & 3 Masterballs EVERY month
    • NOTE that monthly rewards are given out on the last day of every month!
  • Doubled PokeCoins from ;daily (applies to daily streaks too!)
  • In-game perk - Ninja: +5% increased catch rates with all ball types!
  • +50% reduction to swap costs at ;swap
  • +5 additional locks in ;release locks
  • Common Patreon role in the official PokeMeow Discord Server
  • Access to Patreon-only Discord text channels in our Discord Server
Includes Discord benefits


reward item
reward item
per month
Along with the previous benefits, you will receive 2 additional special perks: Quick Hands and IV Checker!

  • All Common-tier benefits
  • Doubled Vote Coins from daily votes (including vote streaks)
  • 10% cost reduction to ;megachamber challenge costs
  • +50% cost reduction when buying new ;moves
  • Ability to enable DM notifications from the bot for your market listings when they are completed ;profile toggle market
  • In-game perk - Quick Hands: 10% chance that your ball will not be used on a successful catch (works with Masterballs)!
  • In-game perk - IV Checker: Automatically shows you the exact IV numbers for your ;buddy (applies for IV rerolls as well).
  • +5 additional locks in ;release locks
  • Uncommon Patreon role in the official PokeMeow Discord Server
Includes Discord benefits


reward item
reward item
per month
I greatly appreciate your support! Along with the previous benefits, your quest timers will be reduced by 50%!

  • All Uncommon-tier benefits
  • Quest timers reduced by 50%
  • Faster egg hatching - eggs hatch from 20 to 110 catches instead of 30 to 130
  • In-game perk - Fisherman: +5% chance of encountering Pokemon while fishing
  • +5 extra ;market listings
  • More monthly Patreon Rewards! On top of the monthly Common Patreon rewards, you will receive an additional:
    • 250,000 PokeCoins
    • 40x Rare Candies
    • 5x Masterballs every month
    • NOTE that monthly rewards are given out on the last day of every month!
  • +5 additional locks in ;release locks
  • Rare Patreon role in the official PokeMeow Discord Server
Includes Discord benefits



About Gopi

Hello everyone!

I'm Gopi and this bot is for Pokemon enthusiasts like you!
PokeMeow is a discord bot that allows you to catch Pokemon (Shinies and Legendaries if you're extremely lucky!), trade & battle with other players, complete quests for money and item rewards, fill up your Pokedex, compete in the global hiscores, and so much more! Currently, PokeMeow is developed by me on my free time, with server hosting costs coming out of my pocket. With the growing amount of users actively using the bot, I need some funding to afford high performance servers to keep the bot running as smoothly as possible!

How can you help?
Every cent matters! All of the donations received go towards the development of the bot. Initially, I would like to be able to use the best possible hosting services so that the bot runs exceptionally. In the future, I plan to hire dedicated developers to help me speed up the development process for new features! 

Note that ALL donations go towards the development of PokeMeow (purchasing more servers for testing/hosting PokeMeow on - which are charged hourly, paying devs/staff members for work, advertising, acquiring better machines for development) & also back to the community (reddit giveaways, monthly contest prizes, twitch streams, etc).

What are the benefits?
Patrons receive many benefits, such exclusive titles in-game and on our Discord server, perks in-game, as well as the ability to push suggestions for new features for the bot directly to the Owner! Please note that access to the Discord benefits are tied to your membership in the support server If you are banned from or cannot otherwise access the support server, your account will not be able to receive the Discord benefits.

I appreciate all Patrons that support the development of the bot! If you have any suggestions for more Patreon benefits, you can find contact us in the Support Server!
750 - reached! patrons
Database improvements
With the growth of the bot, our database needs severe upgrades! Recently we've upgraded tiers to quite an expensive tier for our DB, reaching this milestone would mean we could continue to support the database and look for even more expensive options!
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