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As a Welcome to the Club membership, you get:

  • Access to current & future uploads/Posts of my SFW art not going onto my online store.
  • Access to future SFW artwork.
  • You have permission to share my work with my watermark on your blogs or other social media accounts as long you give a link to my Patreon and give credit to me, the artist. What idiot wouldn't like free advertisement. Also make sure to follow the guide lines on other social media platforms.
Naughty Poli Expansion Pack
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Naughty Poli Expansion Pack includes:

  • See NSFW 18+ uncensored higher/original resolution of the artworks.
  • You also receive the perks as the $1 tier to post  works to your and other social media blogs and posts as long as you give credit of the artist, Poli, and give a link to my Patreon.




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About Poli

You can all call me by my pseudonym "Poli" or "Poli_Z".
         This Patreon is focused more towards me creating more of a mix of lewd 18+ and SFW illustrations/art with my own character designs. I am currently a part time student at a community college and work part time in retail. With patrons i can finally enjoy the things I love and do. I hope you can find the time to invest in me. I want to thank you all very much in reading this. It means a lot to me. With college and work it takes me a while to complete a piece as best i can and want the best for my Patrons.
           In most cases this Patreon will be use as a tip jar to support me. So if you wish to give a Dollar a month for your truly, I would appreciate that.
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When I reach 10 Patrons I will create a video showing the complexity and the layers that i used to create the artworks within the program Clip Studio. I will dissect one of my artworks or a few depending which one has tons of layers and layer effects.
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