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"This is PoliuxDimension, I'm an indie game developer~"

I like creating games, especially the ones with bizarre theme and story.
I'm currently focus on creating adult game. Because why not?

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Tier list of Premium games & editable file bundles

if you like simple deal, a transaction for a product, please visit my itchy store.
My itchy store Link

My released game history list:

2018/12/14   Seifu & the Demon Fox Girl (teen)
2019/05/10   Coco & Zin's Ruin Escape (mature)
2019/06/15   Queen's Commando (adult)
2019/09/20   Sexual Therapy Clinic (adult) *New*
2020/06/26   Ishavile's Arena

Watch this post to follow my current work progress:
Public Journal on Patreon

I suggest use flash player to play swf version of my game.
Download flash player in this post

How to contact me?

My Discord Server
Please try to not send me message on NG, please use discord.
Now I only use NG to upload or update web version of the game.

50 of 100 patrons
I believe my art isn't good enough, which include character design, human anatomy and posture, sexual animation, and some drawing other than women, such as background design and male character. I should focus my goal on the improvements of these topics until it reach certain threshold.
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