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All of the $5 level perks + subscriber perks on MLP Forums and PoniArcade's Minecraft server!

This includes, among other things:
  • a gold name on MLP Forums and a heart beside your name on Minecraft
  • the ability to set a custom title above your avatar on MLP Forums
  • more storage for personal conversations on MLP Forums

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This is identical to the$10 tier at this time.




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About Poniverse

We're a group that builds online pony communities. We operate all of the following:

  • MLP Forums - the ponynet's largest forum community, with 4.1 million posts and counting!
  • Ponyville Live! - the pony media network - includes radio stations, video streaming, and more!
  • Pony.fm - a site for artists to share their music with listeners, with unlimited uploads and downloads. Also the home of the MLP Music Archive.
  • Equestria.tv - Chat while watching pony videos together. You can create your own channel or join our weekly events!
  • PoniArcade - pony-themed game servers for Minecraft, TF2, CS:GO, and more!

We're an online home for over 37,000 users and serve millions of pageviews every month. We give fans ways to share content, form new friendships, and have fun on the Internet.

In the four years we've been at it, our services have always been free to use and the pony community's generous support has kept it that way. We offer subscriptions through MLP Forums but have set up this Patreon page as another sustainable way to help you keep Poniverse online and growing for many years to come.

What you're supporting
  • web hosting for all of our projects
  • web hosting for Ponyville Live!'s API and radio stations' homepages
  • a shared radio server for Ponyville Live!'s radio stations, complete with broadcast management software
  • hosting for PoniArcade's game servers, including 6 Minecraft servers
  • off-site backups for all of the above
  • other recurring bills like domains and software licenses
$10.10 of $400 per month
We can cover all of our hosting expenses with Patreon!
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