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About PonySFM

Thanks for taking a look at our Patreon page!

PonySFM is a content hosting website for My little Pony - Friendship is Magic related Source Filmmaker models, maps, animations, scripts and more!
Currently the whole project is financed by the main project leader (EpicLPer) which means that the server, space, domain and other stuff is currently all paid out of my own pocket. Now, to be honest so far it isn't extremely much but we recently had a few server crashes because our hoster derped something up which completely destroyed our server.
Because we only have one so far and nothing is redundant we had a downtime of around 1 to 2 days (not counting in several tiny downtimes spread over the last few months) and a data loss of a few recently created accounts and resources.
Making something like this redundant, saving all resources on another server, creating a better, more reliable and faster to restore backup solution and so on is soon going beyond a point where I just can't pay everything on my own anymore.

This ultimately lead to the conclusion that we want to open a donation page since I'm not a fan of placing advertisement on a (by default) family friendly page. Besides, in this current age it would also not make much revenue due to AdBlock and so on.

So we'd be more than happy if you could spend a few bucks per month (you can always cancel your pledge of course) so we can afford better, more reliable servers, backup solutions and maybe even a bigger PonySFM Team to maintain and improve the site even more!
If this Patreon will in the future make more than we'd have to pay for the servers and everything else the remaining income will be evenly spread among the whole PonySFM Team of course!

Thanks for your pledge! :)

PS.: The header picture was created by Argodaemon and can be seen HERE
$1.82 of $10 per month
This already helps to pay almost half of the current server and storage price per month!
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