Sandy Rojas is creating Music parodies for Video Games, Anime, and song covers!

Hey, thanks!

$1 /creation
Hey, thanks!

I appreciate the support.

You'll be able to see videos a day early.


$5 /creation
Sometimes I'll have multiple songs I want to sing, but don't know which one to do first, and at this tier you'll be able to vote!

Tall Boi PopuCan

$10 /creation
You'll have access to posts where you'll be able to see the progress of Eric's lyrics as he writes them, as well as his thoughts about the song or process!

PopuCan 6-pack

$15 /creation
At this tier, you'll get an MP3 of my voice a cappella, as well as the instrumental if I had one made for the song!

PopuCan 12-pack

$20 /creation
At this tier, your contribution helped make the video come to fruition, so you'll get a credit at the end of the video!

I'll try to make it so that it's not just a list of tiny names rapidly sli...


PopuCan 24-pack

$50 /creation
Ayyy, you deserve a shoutout!

And at this tier, that's exactly what you'll get, a nice shoutout at the end of the video, as well as having your name be particularly distinguished when it's displ...


Bucket of Soda

$100 /creation
You are dedicated and generous beyond words!

But that doesn't mean I won't try! At this tier I'll write you a hand-written thank you note, sealed with a KISSU!

**DISCLAIMER just know I ...