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i will curse all of you
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this curse will take the form of a pile of horrible minigames that will basically function as a curse cuz you will be like oh god WHYYYYYYYY



thousand mile wide amorphous liquid intelligence manifesting in the form of angel ephemera


Oakland, CA, USA

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i'm a femazoid eczema angel orifice slimebabe

I make games like Cry$tal Warrior Ke$ha and howling dogs. i've made more than 30 free games in the past couple years, many of which have won awards (XYZZY, Indiecade, WordPlay), been showcased in museums (EMP, Moving Image), or received other recognition (NYTimes). I like making art about wretched women.

some games i've made through Patreon:
With Those We Love Alive
Neon Haze
Beautiful Frog
Ultra Business Tycoon III

This funding model has allowed me to experiment in exciting ways - besides the wild variety of games I've made here, I do visual art, stickers, tweets, run game jams, make zines, fiction, live installations, everything! It's also allowed me to collaborate with other fem artists and bring attention to their work.
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