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LOVE what you're doing Mama!!

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Join the community and make your self care commitment here!  This tier will keep you covered on self care basics.
I appreciate each of you and will continue to deliver free, uplifting content. If you choose to make a donation or share with family & friends, I thank you from my heart!! 
My Patreon feed will be here for you & your loved ones ~~
an idea board for short, accessible daily practices to calm the mind, body & spirit. These may be breath, divination, meditations, or wellness tips.

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Sunday Savasana ~ OG

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*bi-weekly restorative yoga poses released on Sundays*
*monthly Live Dark Moon Deep Dives held on Zoom*
*Death Stuff*
+ all benefits of the LOVE tier

This is an excellent practice to add for the health of your body and mind, especially helpful for a busy lifestyle &/or very active mind.

Savasana is the corpse pose. In this tier we also talk about death.
I believe learning to surrender is a talent that will help us step into death more gracefully when it is our time. I believe Savasana is preparation for death.

OG stand for the original group of supporters ;)

Dance Ritual Members

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**This tier is archived as of December 2020.
Members of this tier will now receive all benefits of the
*Love and *Sunday Savasana tiers
as well as a discount offer on movement and art therapy workshops.

The world is changing and so am I. This tier will stay up so we can reminisce and dance our moves of the past if we wish. My way forward will be more based in therapeutic movement practices, less focused on performing or a specific technique. I'm still dancing, just stripping it down to figure out what else I am besides bellydance :)
Still evolving...



About Mama Shoop

Hi there & welcome to the self love portal!
I’m Mama Shoop ~~ a self care specialist. In this life I'm a storytelling dancing magician. I loves nature, meditation, movement, water, animals, laughter, connection.
I share these things in the name of love ;)

I’ve created a place on Patreon to gather and be inspired.
I believe all that we need is available to us. Here we work on listening, discerning and trusting that guidance.

I like to cultivate curiosity, gratitude, and my personal favorite:
Love is one of our greatest gifts...... the generating force of everything… and even better it’s free..........a renewable resource.
It begins within. First and foremost, we must learn to love ourselves.
Once we do, we are participating in global healing, not to mention feeling more joy, freedom and peace.

I enjoy living life with a sense of ritual and connection to the earth, the animals and plants. I am deeply connected to the moon. I honor the spirit world and unseen beings. I'm really into neuroscience and the body fascinates me. I am a part of the death positive movement, which means I walk with death and acknowledge it.
All of these things come into the posts I create here.

I'm on a mission to help as many of us as possible experience this true connection, deep love. Here you’ll find ideas and solutions, invitations to contemplate, meditate, move & rest...
to ask and listen.... to become best friends with yourself :)

I've got something for everyone. The important thing is remembering to do the work. Practice creates habit. Once you’ve fallen deeply in love with yourself everything begins to blossom in your life.
I will continue to study, learn, share and remind you to take good care :)
I hope you’ll join me in this journey. 
I believe together we can bring light and healing to the world.
We can make a difference starting here and now.
Love is the what makes the world go round
See you inside!
May you always be happy & free!
Love you, Mama Shoop


WRITING ~ I put this one first because it's my deep desire & passion of the moment to step fully into writing. It's a toss up between dance and writing as to which one I've done the longest. I used to keep a spiral notebook for poetry with me at all times in middle school. I loved essay assignments in English class and actually majored in English education. 
I've written poems, songs, long love letters, articles, essays, blog posts and now I am finally going to add BOOK to this list! My first project~ which is available as a reward for *sneak peeks* and a thank you mention will be about the sweet baby mouse Penelope Peepers, who I raised from a brand new baby full circle to her death. It's quite an unusual tale of love, life, death and learning. 

DANCE ~  My love of dance and deep calling in based in therapeutic practice. I spent many years in group scenarios,. My most current offerings, starting in 2021, will be all ritual, self based therapy practices. I'm so excited about it and of course it's perfect for pandemic times.
My history....
I specialized in bellydancing & worked professionally
for almost two decades!
I have studied various shamanic practices and created many ritual dances.
I dabble in hip hop as I'm curious about all folk dances.
I love to square dance.
I love group improvisation and have danced with several groups doing what was formerly called tribal bellydance.
I enjoy story telling through dance.

MEDITATION ~ I have studied with a multitude of sources and have been improvising guided journeys for the past decade. I began seriously meditating every day in my mid-twenties. It was with the Twin Hearts meditation that I first had an out of body experience. Since then I have been hooked on the discovery of mind, body & spirit connections. 

YOGA ~ I have practiced for about 15 years and finally did teacher training in 2017 specializing in hatha, yin and restorative practice. Savasana is my favorite pose and I do believe it will save the world. 

PRENATAL CARE ~ my experience is in bellydance as part of the birth ritual (an excellent pre & post labor practice), yoga and massage (completed massage school in 1998). I was never able to be pregnant (per my body) so I have enjoyed learning about, diving into and spending time with pregnancy. I have done extensive research on prenatal bellydance and the many benefits. I have written alot on the subject, and even appeared on an episode of The Doctors to talk about it. 

REIKI lives here ~ I am  a Reiki Master of the Usui tradition.
I use it in my personal practice and bring it into my private and group sessions.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 323 exclusive posts
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