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Gor luvvaduck thanks guvnah! Consider this the online equivalent of tossing a brass farthing into my hat. I will thank you for it on the Portentous Twitter feed & my personal Twitter.
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Oh Auntie, you shouldn't have! The online answer to sending your favourite niece a regular stipend to keep her in the manner to which she is accustomed. I will thank you personally in the credits at the end of the podcast.
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Yarr, ye knows where the gold is buried and ye be haunting me to tell me where it be. All ye asks in return is that I keeps on with my merry hornpipe o' words, arr. I'll thank ye in the credits to the show and send ye a specially personalised festive message come Winterval, and I'll pray that your soul can finally be free o'its bonds and get to that big Treasure Island in the sky, arr.




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Oh, listener, I can but thank you wholeheartedly for visiting this page. I spend a fair few working days per month writing, performing and editing Portentous Perils for free, and my children need so very many shoes. A small donation can help me to afford to continue rewriting well known early science fiction and gothic horror stories to be about an Adventuress, her niece, an unnervingly attractive media sales executive and a whole lot of monkey butlers.

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