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A Tier where you just want to thank the guys for doing the show, As a Bonus Dann is going to do a Monthly Comic Podcast going over all of the Power Rangers Comics That were Released That Month. By Joining for just $1 you get early access to all of our youtube content.
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Do you Like Power Playthrough?  Can you not get enough of these goofy boys and their antics? This Tier gets you access to a weekly Bonus Podcast. That is Not PR/Super Sentai themed. Up first is VR Troopers. No Matter When you sign-up you have access to the entire back catalog of Patreon Podcasts.
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You like the show and want to come hang out come chill out at Disneyland with us for the day, and its on us!!!
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About Power Playthrough Podcast

Welcome to The Power Playthrough Patreon. It is awesome that you liked the show enough to stop by. So we enjoy making the show so much that we wanted to bring more content your way, but in order to put out a 3rd episode every week, we had to start a patreon.

As we all know during the 90's Saban put out a crazy amount of live action Shows VR Troopers, Superhuman Samurai Super Squad, Masked Rider, Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog, and TMNT: The Next Mutation. We here at PP Pod thought it would be fun to cover those shows as special episodes available only to Patrons.  So in addition to Our weekly Power Rangers and Super Sentai Shows you have the ability to receive a 3rd Non-Ranger but still Powered Hero Show. 

So Thank you for even considering to support us in this journey to chronicle the evolution of the shows we all love. and If you join I really hope that you enjoy the Bonus episodes that will NEVER be released in the main Power playthrough Feed. 
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Get Freddy a Comfortable Chair. We spend a lot of time in the podcast Studio and a Nice Studio Chair would do wonders for the boy.
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