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My name is Robert and I'm the dude behind the YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/PowerPyx and the Website http://www.powerpyx.com

My mission is to bring you the highest quality guides for any major games when they release. On my channel you can find Trophy Guides, Achievement Guides and Collectible Guides, but also Walkthroughs. On my website I post full written Trophy Guides and useful gameplay tips.

Maybe my guides have helped you unlock some platinum trophies or reach 1000 Gamerscore. Or maybe it saved you $30 from having to buy a strategy guide. Whatever your reason for donating - big thanks for your generosity!

All donations go directly into new equipment and software (this includes a new editing computer every few years, new consoles and peripherals, new games, editing software, capture cards, server costs for website...).

If you can't donate - no worries. Your support on YouTube motivates me a million times more than any money ever could. Be that through your subscription, liking, commenting or sharing my content. All of it helps more than you can imagine and your ongoing support is my insipration.
Also, my content will always stay 100% free for everyone. Donating is completely optional.

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