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About PracticeHealth

Peace loves! 
I'm excited to lean into a wellness practice with you!
Through sacred geometrical movement, breathing and food as medicine we can make sense of ourselves in a way that allows for balanced forward movement. 

Your subscription means you not only support donation-based community classes around the WORLD but also grants you access to intentional meditations, meal plans + food ideas, multi-leveled yoga videos, lifestyle tips/hacks, and exclusive forums and Q+A's!
I'm a writer/performing artist who started Kemetic Yoga 4 years ago in direct response to several dance injuries, cyclic self-destructive behavior, sexual and ancestral trauma, aggressive whiteness, and recurring depression (pfew, a mouthful).
I've been certified a instructor since July2018 and have been leading donation-based community classes ever since.

After falling flat on my face (a lot) I've found that


Activate joy through community sharing + transparency as we forge our ways to individual and collective healing.
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I'll add a Afro-Modern dance workout available to ALL tiers to
THANK YOU... I love and am proud of you already, love.
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