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About Practise English with Pete

Hi, I'm Pete - you guessed!

I've been teaching English for 20 years and have worked in all areas of the profession: teacher of adults, teens, young learners, in companies, one to one, online, teacher trainer, academic coordinator, school director, materials writer, and author! I am also a fully trained Cambridge Speaking Examiner and have helped hundreds of students pass their Cambridge exams.

NOW, I want to reach more students like you through my content and by giving classes directly to my Patrons

I have one of the best jobs in the world. I help people learn English, so they can meet their goals.

Since 2019, I have uploaded videos to my YouTube channel, Practise English with Pete, to help people practise their English. If you are interested in getting more English videos and resources and having classes with me directly, please consider becoming a patron (=member) of my English club. By being a member, you will help me quit my job and dedicate myself full time to teaching YOU! 

As a Patron, you will get special benefits and exclusive English resources that will help you learn English quicker! AND we will have classes TOGETHER! This is the best way to get your English to the next level. By practising!

I am interested in your challenges and look forward to helping you succeed in English!

With your help, I can spend more time creating helpful resources for learning English.

Thank you for becoming a member/patron of Practise English with Pete.

Your support is appreciated as I couldn't do it without you!

When you reach your English goal we will celebrate together!

With love and best wishes


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