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Do you hate sitting through YouTube ads, but you feel guilty for turning on ad-block and denying me revenue? No worries! By pledging only $1 per month, you can watch my videos guilt-free!

You'll also receive the Tribune patron role on Discord, which gives access to the private patron chats and priority during Q&As!
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If the previous tier cannot adequately express your love for my channel, then how about $5/month? At this tier and above, your name will be placed in the "Credits" section at the end of my videos as a personal "Thank You" from me to you.

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Feeling generous, eh? Or perhaps you'd just like to see your name as a character in some of my series? All patrons of the Magistrate tier and higher will be entered into a drawing. Whenever I play a game where I can rename characters, you'll have a chance to see your name on YouTube!
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These days, it seems that internet-browsers are bombarded by long, tasteless ads alongside every song, article, or video. The easy solution for most people is to install an ad-blocking program on their browser. Unfortunately, blocking advertising also blocks content creators from being compensated for their work. With ad-block, you can enjoy the free media produced by your favorite creator, but they get short-changed. 

That's why services like Patreon exist: to give you, the viewer, an option to directly support your favorite creators without any guilt for avoiding those pesky ads.

Why support Pravus?

Long story short, I'm a video game enthusiast who decided to start creating gaming videos on YouTube as a hobby. Over the years, my content has greatly improved in quality and quantity, but these improvements have come at a cost. Whereas before I might have spent two or three hours a week creating videos, now I invest nearly twenty. This channel has effectively become a part-time job.

The trouble with YouTube, of course, is that the algorithm can shift at any time and for any reason. One month you're making a decent living, the next you're in a deep hole. That's why I've created this Patreon. If I ever hope to make my YouTube channel into a full-time career, I can't afford to rely on the volatile ad revenue system.

Are there any perks for supporters?

Yup! All tiers will receive some flair on the fan Discord server, along with access to private Patron-only chat rooms and in-server currency. Higher tiers will also be included on the end-of-video credits, gain access to a private monthly stream, and even be featured as a character in some of my series!

Final Thoughts

Whether or not you choose to support my Patreon, I will continue to provide free videos for your enjoyment. Truly, I'm just thankful to have you in my audience! However, if you find yourself frequently visiting my channel and you are in a position to sponsor my content, please consider that your support would allow me to invest in new games, equipment, and software to improve your experience.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

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