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Command 1
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You get to add a command just tell me and I'll do it! Please no hacking commands.

Command 5
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You can add 5 commands, please no hacking or bad commands.

Command 8
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You can add 8 Commands, please no hacking or bad commands.




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About Prazu

You can help us!

If we had the money, we could just expand the bot onto additional hardware to cope with the extreme demand, however, we're normal students. With additional funds, we can continue developing Miki and provide the best experience to all of you! For only $1 a month, you can help us and start getting benefits! Read the next section for more information.

What will you get?

You will get permission to add a command, it just depends the tier you bought.
Once you bought a tier please DM to show proof. After that you may think of a command or commands to add. Remember no hacking, bad commands, we will not accept those.
If you don't have money that's ok! I will try my best to keep this bot online. Thank you.

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