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I'm a starving artist trying to find my path as a career writer. With Patreon, I might be able to realize my dream of becoming a full-time author. If you like my work, please support me so that I will be able to continue to create more contents for you.

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Follow a brilliant billionaire and his supposedly dead wife as they journey through the apocalypse where many people have developed extraordinary abilities in this new page-turning Adventure Romance Series!

Business tycoon Liam West never wanted for anything in his life, but when he laid eyes on Sienna Carmichael, he found one simple wish--to take her home and make her his wife. Fate granted him his wish and joined them in matrimony. Four years later, his once-happy home lies in shambles after murder strikes his family, robbing him of his wife and their unborn child.

Sienna "Angel" Carmichael wakes up from an accident that stripped her of her memories and finds herself living inside an elaborate lie. A man named Declan Howell claims to be her husband and the father of her unborn baby, but she can tell he secretly despises the baby she's carrying. But that isn't the worst of her troubles.

Like many people across the planet since the rain turned crimson, Sienna developed a special ability. She can see auras around every living thing, leaking information about the world around her. She soon senses an impending calamity of catastrophic proportions and doesn't want to face it unprepared. With nothing but her instincts guiding her, Sienna begins to stock up on supplies, but nothing prepares her for what's to come.

When the crimson rain returns and the undead roam the streets, Sienna crosses paths with an extraordinary man who might be the key to her past...and the ticket to her future.

From The Author:

This is a story about a man who would do anything and stop at nothing to protect his wife and child after being given a second chance.

This is also a story about a young woman who mysteriously comes back to life after being murdered. She struggles to find herself, her past, her heart, and her own humanity at the dawn of the apocalypse. To survive, she clings to one man and lifeline in this collapsing world, embarking on a dangerous journey where she meets extraordinary people, forges unlikely friendships, and uncovers hidden strength and courage to protect those she loves. Will she find her own place amidst the few people capable of saving the world...and perhaps even solve her own murder?

Adventure ~ Mystery ~ Romance ~ Science-Fiction

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