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A monthly video will be uploaded to stimulate and invigorate the senses (pretty much regardless of how much I get, I'm determined)
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Anyone donating $30 or more will receive an original, personalized drawing from me of the subject of their choice! This will be one to frame and hang above your bed or torture chamber

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Anyone donating $500000000000 or more will be doubted quite intensely. But if you are for real you can have my fucking kidney.




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About Liam Phat Bastard Lawson

Yo here is the deal.
I have some ridiculous ideas in store for this world. Sadly, said ridiculous ideas take time, something a 19 year old in Whistler does not have a lot of, due to work and other necessities of survival. If I could minimize the amount of monotonous manual labor I must undergo and instead dedicate this time to creating animation, music and art, the world would be a brighter, happier place.
So look at it this way, if everyone who enjoys my art gave me a tiny bit of money to survive on and improve my production, I could work less, create more and eventually, after building up my arsenal of the surreal, someone with will sign me for my own TV show! Once this happens, I won't need money from those who earn it the hard way, then you all can pirate my show for free!
Makes sense right!? So if you appreciate what I'm doing and where I'm going, please donate a little and in return, get a new entertaining, thought provoking video each month! If you need your money for pizza, beer and cat food (something I know all to well), just take a look at my creations and share with all your friends, find my work here- and
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With at least $200 a month, I could work part time, still eat and afford a house, but most importantly have more time to create bigger and better animations and music! The more I get, the more I can create, the more likely I am to get my animation out there and begin enriching/offending the world with the sheer brilliance that spills out my mind.
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