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Welcome to the club you creative weirdo!

For this you get one entry per month, and exclusive content!

We also get the oppurtunity from you to get feedback on creative endeavours! 

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With this tier, not only will you get access into the box each month, but you will also get some other special goodies such as VP access to each of our special events this year!

Get ready to get dressed up, get wild, and have fun with us in 2020!

Powerful Creative Weirdo

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On this tier, you get all the works, PLUS you get to have your voice heard with exclusive voting power. This means that when we move into our larger could direct an entire room or floor from the comfort of your home!

Such Power, So Wisdom, Much Create.

Also, you get your choice of early access. What does early access mean? That means you get Thursday or Friday night at the beginning of the month, before the public gets to see the space, you and four friends or family members, get the box to YOURSELVES for two hours. Can you say Private Party??

You get to choose the month and artist..which is pretty rad.

Also, you can save this if you wish, to get an early VIP walk-through as we are building our new space in 2021...

Exclusive Sticker
Fulfilled by Patreon
Little frog bois! By @MeadeSebastian




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About ProjectEmmersive

Hey there!
Welcome to Project Emmersive!
We strive to create Immersive Art Experiences that cultivate wonder and community!
We currently have a box, called The Magical Mystery Box! We consider it a Monthly Immersive Art Incubator. We hope to facilitate artists, makers, and doers to create worlds within this box. Worlds that can be experienced by anyone. Our main objective is to see people smile, question, or play!

Because of the reality of Covid-19, we have still incubated some really cool things, however we have pivoted to an online 360 gallery! 
We are also in the hopes of creating a traveling immersive experience for 2021, so we can take this show on the road!

What we hope to do for our Patron's.
We hope to have a three tier membership program that gives Patron's first looks, special fun things, community executive decision rights like shareholders, and of course, tickets to enter the space!
Patreon Members will also be the first to know all the inside scoop on our build plans for a larger space for the future!
$4.30 of $300 per month
When the Magical Mystery Box reaches $300.00 a month, it will host special Patron nights, with some extra kicks and treats! Ohhhh my...we're thinking immersive performances....
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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