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About Project Entertainment Network

We are a podcast group with a wide variety of podcasts that cover topics ranging from horror to writing to pro wrestling to heavy metal and everything in between... and beyond. 

With twenty unique podcasts, there's something for everyone! 

Our shows include The Horror Show with Brian Keene, Three Guys with Beards featuring Jonathan Maberry, Christopher Golden and James A Moore, Arm Cast Podcast, Bizzong Podcast and many more!

We continue to grow and add new shows all the time so keep tuning in to find your favorite.
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For $1 a month you'll get exclusive content from our hosts, either in video or written formats. Who knows who will be popping in each month to share something you can't find anywhere else?
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For $3 you get the $1 level reward BUT you'll also get to hear the exclusive podcasts a week before the $1 level... AND you'll also be getting some exclusive content like podcast episodes only you will have access to!

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For $5 you get all of the above PLUS some network swag like magnets, pens, bottle openers, bracelets, etc. What exactly will you get each month? Whatever we can stuff in an envelope. 
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Project Entertainment Network would love to raise enough funds to help us keep growing the number of podcasts we host as well as building those you already love. 

We truly appreciate anything you can offer and hope you enjoy our exclusive content!
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