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About has been online since 2002 for exchanging guitar building knowledge, developing ideas and sharing projects. Over the years many hundreds of guitar builders of all levels of experience have pulled together collective knowledge and trade secrets to help beginning guitar builders approach their first projects safely and confidently, plus find inspiration to do something unique and personal.

Simply, we want to continue doing this with all the dials turned to eleven; increasing the regularity and depth of our educational articles, publishing week-in week-out reviews and creating tutorials that break down mystical pro-level subjects to such a level that they're accessible to anybody and everybody.

We're rewriting and updating dozens of old articles, updating them with new photography and more detailed processes, with even more ideas on the boil for everything you need to know to go from zero-knowledge to confident (and safe!) guitar maker. From raw wood to the finished strung instrument. It's a huge subject, however with almost 14yrs of forum posts, how-to's and straight out guitar porn (we're worth the ticket just for that) we have more experience than anything else out there.

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Our high-value tutorials and site articles have always been - and always will be - freely accessible to anybody. No paywalling, paid membership or preferential access schemes unlike other sites. This is just how we feel things should be done. 

"Wait. Did you just say that I can access everything even if I don't throw a couple of bucks in?
Definitely. has been an open resource since day one and everything has always been freely-given for the benefit of all; not some pay-to-access scheme for the few. It's cool whether you want to get out and push or not, but we'll get a lot more done if you do! :-D

Works in progress

If you're this far down the page, it's fair to say that you're interested in what does and we hope you like the targets we've set. It's also a good place to suggest that a buck or two a month is no big deal to anybody that can afford to build a guitar, right? Throwing in makes us able to help everybody more and you can be sure that each dollar is returned a hundredfold to everybody from what we publish. It's also something that you can take part in purely for the enjoyment of it. Sometimes watching videos on YouTube of people making beautiful new things is a great way to unwind!

Did you know that doesn't have any advertising on the site? There's an important reason for that; we don't want any because you don't either. That's exactly what it's about and why we're funding exclusively via Patreon. Advertising and reliance on revenue from it have a fundamental effect on the qualitative standard of informative, journalistic or educational websites. Neutrality, integrity and loyalties are questionable once beholden to advertising money. We value our ability to publish objectively, impartially  and most importantly provide safe harbor for members to do the same without fear of losing revenue by offending a paying advertiser.

This makes us answerable only to you, our Patrons.

Most importantly this means we have 100% creative freedom to concentrate on what we're best at; regular publication of information-rich tutorials, product reviews written with a real-world perspective, how-to articles you can actually use plus anything and everything in learning to make guitars. We don't have a product to sell, we're not working with commercial interests lighting a fire under us to say how great their stuff is, and we enjoy that you enjoy what we do.

Like anything, this "what-we-do" costs us money, and for the most part that's always been cool; sharing projects and writing for the community is its own reward when it inspires others or helps people develop their skills; sometimes even going on to become professional luthiers. We want to start growing and do bigger better things, all under the same remit of being open and freely available. We're in our fourteenth year and bigger things are ahead....the things that nobody else is (or is able) to do! We hope you're onboard too.


If 1 in 25 of our current monthly visitors threw a couple of bucks in the hat each month, we'd be hitting our top goals out of the park. The vast majority of our site traffic are guests just wanting to find information on building instruments. Patreon is a great way to crowdfund content creators; we hope you agree with our philosophy and goals enough to help make this happen.
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A bit more fluidity each month allows us to publish a wider range of original content. Reviews on all types of luthier tools, products, consumables or anything else that you'll encounter building a guitar: all accompanied by comprehensive real world how-to's. Content is driven by the community; the things you're interested in and that are truly useful. Not flavour of the week reviews, marketing focus articles or dreary rehashed advertisements from sponsors.

Purchasing products for reviews and tutorials allows us to be 100% honest, realistic and practical. Putting tools and products under the lens, explaining processes and techniques in detail that is useful and usable is what you want. Not simply telling you what a sponsor wants you to hear or glossing over the details you need to know.

"Avoid this piece of crap like the plague" is a reasonable statement, especially when we save you wasting money on a poor purchase. Obviously we make efforts to not review crap in the first place, but sometimes opinions need to be qualified by thorough teardown and demonstration. Our tutorials and articles give you the hands-on knowledge on getting it done right without blowing the bank. Dropping a buck or two per month in helps us return your support a hundredfold.
In-depth reviews and how-to articles take a lot of time to write and prepare in addition to the purchases. Hitting $500/month allows us to cover a lot more ground and produce content at a level you simply can't find elsewhere.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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