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About Prolific Studios

What is Prolific Studios?

Prolific Studios is a small but dedicated group of developers with a love for Sci Fi, Space and RTS games. Our aim is to combine these passions and create high quality mods for everyone to enjoy. In depth real time strategy games are an experience like no other - an experience we deliver through the creation of high quality mods. 

Why Patreon?

Unfortunately, computers capable of developing the high quality content we aim to produce cost money to upkeep, and life is expensive. We have created this Patreon to allow anyone who enjoys our work to support us in keeping our computers running smoothly. We do not believe in paid mods, and will never charge for our mods or any part of them. We plan to expand our portfolio to larger projects in the future, but in order to do that we must continue with and finish our current projects and while your help isn't necessary it would be greatly appreciated. 

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