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Well. Not really offering anything per se here. Except the eternal thanks of the Propaganda ministry ! Also apparently needed to make comments here. So go figure.

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Get one replay a month reviewed by yours truly. What you did well. What could have done better, what to look out for and what to work on.

And. by reviewed i mean i will provide you feedback in email form on it. I won't make a video on it.




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Good Afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Or Good Morning, or good evening. Good whatever suits you really.

I the Mighty Imperial Dane have for years now been making daily youtube videos and with the advent of Patreon finally gotten around to perhaps organizing support a bit better. Initially not something i've considered much, but with more and more people asking for the option. It only makes sense to go here in the hopes of gaining more donations towards the glorious Propaganda Minisitry.

And what would you be supporting then ?

Well basically you'd be supporting the continued making of videos on a daily basis and hopefully with enough donations. Well upgrades of equipment, a better microphone for example. Perhaps paying someone to make a more professional intro. 

And who knows. If it is something people want. I could do more regular game reviews with sufficient money. And if we're being really crazy. I could even do book reviews since i know some people like the historical bits and i do like history books and throwing out the occasional review might also be something people might want. But i don't see that happening right away.

What about rewards ?

Supporting the glorious Propagandacast is it's own reward !

More seriously. I don't want to do rewards since that would mean gating off content from other people. And the glorious minisitry is about reaching as many as possible. Not as few as possible.

So sadly all i can offer in reward is my eternal thanks and of course down the road. Lots more content for everyone if this turns out reasonably succesfully.

Closing words.

Overall. I'm new to this Patreon Jig. So if you've got comments or questions or anything like that. Feel free to ask.  Let us all work together to make this something great !!
$100 of $400 per month
The bare minimum for continued operation of the Propagandacast. Nothing fancy about that i fear.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 335 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 335 exclusive posts

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