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About PrydePlay

Let's Play Mass Effect

Hello dear visitor,
my name is Sven Eden, and I love playing the Mass Effect Trilogy.

In late 2020 articles about a possible Mass Effect 4, and a definite Mass Effect Legendary Edition emerged. I neither have the hardware to play these on, nor can I afford buying new games at the moment. But these articles were heavily commented, and many of these comments were about the nostalgia of the "Good ol'days".

As I was about to do my final run with a fresh Infiltrator in Mass Effect 1, a friend of mine convinced me, that it might be a good idea to film this, and to make my playing of the original trilogy available to all those who miss the games, but have moved on, and simply do not have the time to install three games and play them through again.

So, this is for you, guys!

Why support me?

Although I make good money with my day-job, it is not enough to safe up money to buy better hardware. But with better hardware I could produce higher quality videos, and could render them faster.
Full HD is all I can do at the moment, and rendering one 45 minutes episodes takes about 10 hours.

With your support I could safe up money for better equipment, that I could then use to create better and more videos, even in 4K.

All public videos have certain details cut out, like equipment handling, skill upgrades and path planning with the in-game map. For my Patrons I will publish uncut videos with comments on the additional content.

Further I am planning to provide a forum for Patrons supporting me, where I can help with technical issues, modding and actual game play problems.
Additionally I want to give Patrons a say in what to do next. You would like to see a special scene? I'll do it for you.

And all Patrons get access to the PrydePlay discord server, so we can get in touch personally.

Current Status

I have just started. Once everything is set up properly, I will upgrade this introduction and let you know where to find what.

These are the channels on youtube this is all about:

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