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Here is your opportunity to support my efforts in crafting a unique, bi weekly podcast that focuses on films, people, and the themes that tie us together. Psychosocial Cinema is aimed to be more than just a podcast where friends and strangers rabble-rouse about films, it's meant to be a social experiment that encourages some deep thought, and sometimes, not so deep, about movies, the characters within these films, and how their journey may parallel our own in some ways. 

As a therapist, who is currently a registered mental health intern, the topic of self-care is hugely important in my field of work. This podcast is an extension of my own wellness and it is a goal of mine that anyone who listens to this show walks away feeling like they were encouraged in some capacity. That right there is life giving for me, and I truly hope that my audience can connect with this. 

Your help, at whatever tier you opt-in to, will help me set aside more time to focus on the show, finding unique guests, and producing content for you to engage with! 

Disclaimer: Any topics of mental health that arise during an episode are not meant to be treated like a therapy session. I feel that it is important to state this from the get go, as I am still a therapist in training with a qualified supervisor and my knowledge base is continuing to grow as this show does. If you are in crisis, please, reach out to your own support network, whatever that may look like, or dial the national suicide crisis hotline: 1-800-273-8255
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When we reach 200 patrons, we'll have more time to dedicate to the show. We'll be able to hire an editor as well as pay Porcelain Backsplash for the show tunes. We will go from 2 podcasts a month to one every week!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
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