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I will draw you a personalised picture of anything which you request me to do so. I am a primarily a writer and definitely not an artist but despite this I will do my best and post the results here :P
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I will create a personal thank you video in which I will read out a general message if you request me to do so :)




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PsychonautWiki (PW) is a community-driven encyclopaedia which is striving to formally document the field of psychonautics in a legitimate and comprehensive manner without depending upon metaphors, analogies, or personal experience reports.

My documentation includes an extensive archive of well-organized content regarding the scientific information and harm reduction techniques behind all aspects of psychoactive substance usage as well as other areas of psychonautics.

The psychoactive substance index is presented alongside of an integrated subjective effect description index which is capable of breaking down the consistent experiences induced by specific compounds and pharmacological classes into easily readable terminologies, descriptions, leveling systems and example images.

This is a community driven site but the content itself is run by a few dedicated individuals who have devoted years of their lives and finances to the progression of this project. I do not make a profit from any of this and regularly pay for a monthly server bill as well as other expenses necessary to keep this website running. As time goes on and the server requires greater amounts of monthly bandwidth, it is becoming exponentially more expensive to fund it. I am also poor as shit and it is worth noting that over the past few years I have literally put thousands of £'s into both the server and the research materials needed to create our content.

With your support I will be able to direct more of my time into expanding upon content. If this website has made a difference to your life and you enjoy reading it, donations of any size are sincerely appreciated and go directly towards the hosting of our expensive server, producing its content and furthering the field of rational psychonautics.

Thank you in advance. I love you all!!!!!
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Our current server costs are extremely expensive and continuously growing as time goes on. I am also poor as shit. The money to fund this project comes directly out of my bank account every month. If you would please consider becoming a patron to help mitigate these server costs, myself and the entire community would be extremely grateful. The monthly donations can be as small or as large as you are feeling. $1 per month is better than nothing and every little helps. :)  If we can reach a sustainable income every month, not only would the future of our beloved PsychonautWiki be financially secure.
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