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See what I say to all of my Patreons! Ill be sharing cool stuff like videos, pictures, cool fun stuff that I just think needs some light! And i will be Talking to you guys frequently! :)
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YAY! I would either give you a shout out or I will list your name at the end of a video that month! (Plus all lower reward tiers)
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This is where I will record a personalized *non-sextual* (ASMR) video (10 min) For you or anyone you want me to! (Plus all lower reward tiers)




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About MrPuppeteer

Whatsup Everybody! Puppeteer here! And this is my Patreon account! Now i know what your thinking, Why should I "give" you money...Well, first off my videos on Youtube are free obviously and will always be free, Youtube gives me "some" money for what I do, but sometimes I get it taken away because someone else claims one of my videos. Now im going to always be making Youtube videos because thats what I love to do! But if you really enjoy me or some of the content I put out why not support it by "tipping" me. You arn't just giving me your money, im going to be giving back to you guys also, Check the rewards! Now if you do tip, or even thought about it I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart because I know not everyone is rolling in the deep haha, trust me I know! But Thank You!
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At this goal I will buy a new camera. The one I have now is giving me problems that I have to fix every video, its a pain.
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