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Let me start out by telling you a little bit about myself. I am a special needs cow. My momma rescued me when I was two weeks old and my owner died unexpectedly. He was bottle feeding me because I had a tough birth. My rear tendons got torn, and my front legs twisted. I couldn’t walk or stand. My momma stepped in and volunteered to care for me (even though she had never even been around a calf/cow or touched one before 😳) but she jumped in head first and totally fell in love with me (well who wouldn’t 🤗). She cared for me and did everything in her power to rehabilitate me. I am a year and a half old now and I can walk and run!! I may walk a little wonky but that doesn’t stop me! My momma started to take in my sweet little goatie siblings as well! She nursed them back to health and loves them almost as much as me 😜. All of my siblings here are rescues (except Vincent Van Goat) but 8 goaties, 3 doggies, 2 kitties and of course myself. It takes a lot of work, effort and unfortunately money to care for us. My momma does all this on her own. It would be so wonderful if you could help her out to help her help us 🖤 She has started a non profit rescue so she is able to care for us and others wo might need her help. Thank you for following my adventures.

Blessings & Love,
Betsy the PuppyCow

Help my momma to care for us... The procedes will go directly to health care, medicine, supplies, shelter and food for us rescue animals 🖤🤗

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