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Inequality in the Art World

There are hundred, if not thousands, of references, researches and studies that shows the art world is ruled by an inequality . Transparency, diversity and internationality in the art world is an illusion. And our society is still waiting a solution to change this disparity and make it more fair and truth.

“Almost one third of solo shows in US museums go to artists represented by just five commercial galleries“ - (artnet News, 2018)

85% of artists in major U.S. museums are white - (Cornell University, 2018)

As of the first half of 2018, there were only 5 women on Artnet’s list of the 100 best-selling artists at auction - (Artnet Intelligence Report)

Researchers studied nearly 2 million art auction sales and found paintings by women fetched less money than paintings by men. Disparities that plague parts of the economy also affect the art world. - (Shankar Vedantam 2018)

Who is the ODBK?

ODBK is an activist organization with the aim to create equality and democracy in the art world. This is expanding and equalizing the quantity and diversity of people who understand and engage with contemporary art and make them active participants in the decision making that define the current and future art world. By decision making ODBK refers to the ability to influence in the selection of the artists on art spaces (public or private, known or unknown), the relevance and importance of the artists and their works for the art world, cap-prices of the artworks and distribution of public funds for the arts, without the consideration of income, gender, nationality, social status and any other kind of identity.

How do we create equality in the art world?

Using alternative economic systems, democracy and participative models like PARECON, demarchy and referendum ODBK build online and offline mechanisms to create a fair of distribution of money and opportunities in the art world.

The ODBK has two main functions. The first is the facilitation of the understanding and appreciation of contemporary art for a wider and diverse number of people. This is realized through free educational talks, workshops, events, and online and offline meetings. The second focus is the support of projects and initiatives that allow for influence on a grassroot level in the decisions that shape the art world and art market. The main mechanisms that facilitates the implementation of the ODBK concept is the Art Market Regulation Commission (AMARC) and the Pure Taste Indicator.

The AMARC is a coalition of three groups which make decisions in the contemporary art world and art market, all based on a democratic process. The three groups are:

● Institution (gallery owners, curators, art historians, and other influential
individuals within the art world)
● Artists
● Art lovers

The Pure Taste Indicator tries to approach the truth through a representative consensus of the art world, using homogeneous groups where power and money are not important but taste and knowledge of art stands in the front. Thus the Pure Taste Indicator creates a new model of the reference system, where the limits are not infinite extremes as predisposes neoliberal capitalism, but where the valuation of artists and works moves in a finite strip, created from a fair distribution of wealth and opportunities.

  • Remove hidden variables of the current system of the art world, like corruption, manipulation, especulation, traffic of influences, among many others.
  • Increase the number of people who influence the decisions that define the art world
  • Discovering of new values in the art world
  • Fairer distribution of money and opportunities in the art world

The goals for the coming year are:
  1. Build a base of at least 900 evaluators
  2. Build a Pure Taste Indicator reference base of at least 300 famous artists
  3. Build a Pure Taste Indicator calculation for at least 1000 emerging artists
  4. Make a minimum of 10 Pure Taste Indicator presentations at museums or art institutions
  5. Improve the usability and layout of the website

has already created a prototype of the system, which can be viewed at www.odbk.tk/cap-prices-calculation.

This project has been created and initiated by the new media artist and activist David Hinojosa Admann (DHAdmann). More info about DHAdmann and his previous work can be found at www.dhadmann.com

If you have further questions or require more information please contact ODBK on:

David Hinojosa Admann, Artists and activist - [email protected]
Stina Gustafsson, Project Manager - [email protected]

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