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Iron Tier

per month
  • Access to Donator-Only chat and news feed with detailed change-log about what we're working on
  • Ability to check LogBlock info
  • Check the last login time of other players
  • Ability to add DynMap markers
  • Donator rank in game and on discord
Includes Discord benefits

Silver Tier

per month
  • All Previous rewards
  • Hide yourself from dynmap
  • Change your shape into any mob
  • Access to a special kit every 48 hours (/puukit)
    4x diamond
    16x gold ingot
    8x random item from the following:
    - redstone ore
    - glowing redstone ore
    - lapis lazuli ore
    - coal ore
    - diamond ore
  • Set up to 5 homes
  • Custom rank name on the server (/puuprefix)
Includes Discord benefits

Gold Tier

per month
  • All previous rewards
  • Ability to host own VPS on our server
Includes Discord benefits




per month

About PuuCraft

PuuCraft is a team dedicated to bringing you high quality Minecraft Beta servers.

We currently host a Beta 1.7.3 server which is, arguably, one of the best Minecraft Beta servers around. Our server makes full map snapshots every 6 hours and all changes to blocks are being constantly logged to protect you, your buildings and the whole map from griefing.

By donating to us you can assure a solid increase in server performance and quality and more custom plugins to enhance your Minecraft experience. By having a sustainable source of income, we can work more efficiently on bringing players quality content. Donating also, of course, gives you access to some donator only perks.

$10.44 of $25 per month
PuuCraft will be able to pay for its main server, we'll be able to work more heavily on mods for the beta minecraft, players will receive a random block upon login every monday, and every 48 hours random block reward will be assigned to a random player : )
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