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Welcome, we are an evolving group of creative activists and artists, we build Pyramids of Love. Our second Pyramid was constructed to honour the Unknown Women, past and present, traumatised through war, enslavement, colonialism and patriarchal oppression. We honoured Women to highlight the importance of rising above intergenerational traumas to empower women. The Pyramid was erected on the empty plinth of the enslaver Robert Milligan.

The Unknown Women
Sabina Orellana Cruz - Bolivian Minister of Decolonisation and Depatriarchalisation
There are many empty plinths around the world, we feel every country needs a Pyramid of Love to the Unknown Women. Your support will help. 

We invite artists to collaborate on our projects with their art, performances and passions. Our latest Pyramid of Love is portable, it honours the Unknown Children, past and present, traumatised through abusive systems under the guise of benevolence. It was inspired by an artist who was born in Ireland. Her parents were unmarried Catholics and they were coerced into giving up their child for adoption. She subsequently had a traumatic upbringing. The building of this pyramid has helped her to process her trauma. Over 9000 babies died in church-run homes in Ireland. This pyramid is going on tour to honour and give love to all the people who have suffered, including giving love to the institutions to help them to reconcile their abusive legacy. She aims to take the pyramid on tour in Ireland and England. Your support will help to take this Pyramid of Love on tour.

Our next Pyramid of Love will be to honour Animals. Their mistreatment around the world is shocking on too many levels.

We want to engage communities in creating Pyramids, facilitating projects to inspire positive changes in attitudes and behaviour.

Thank you, Pyramids of Love team 💖

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