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For merely $5 you'll have your name put into the credits of my videos!

A mild disclaimer here is that there will be videos in the future (maybe just a few a year) that I won't be putting the crawl on. If I'm doing a character video, for instance, the crawl might not work. But almost all the time, it'll be added. Thanks! :)

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So this tier gets you into my old, super private Discord.

However, I now have TWO Patreon discords, one you can get into with any pledge. So this is now really just for if you want to be in a slightly more tightly-knit group of my friends. Spots are limited!
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Once a month, usually near the end, I'm going to begin making a Patreon exclusive video. This'll likely be a vlog or some off-the-cuff rant sort of thing, but it'll be just for you guys! And if you pledge $10 OR HIGHER you can ask me a question for the video!

You can ask it on the post I'll make at the start of every month, OR message me your question and I'll try and write it down. I'm excited to start seeing what you guys have to ask!

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If you pledge $35, I'll mail you a personal letter hand-written by me. I started doing this to include in the gag "bathwater" tiers as a special surprise, but I enjoy doing it so much that I thought it would be fun as a separate tier as well! I really like working on these because it feels like a personal connection I have with my fans, which is really special to me.  I'm currently writing these on the backs of the Gnorm Gnat pages I printed for the Lyman scene in 'Arbuckle,' but I only have around six of those left. Act soon to get your hands on an honest Quinton Reviews prop!

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Want to really support me? If you pledge to this tier, I'll record you a personal audio clip saying whatever you want! It has to be three sentences or below, and I reserve the right to turn any request down (I mainly include this for Nazi shit, almost anything else I'll do).

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I will fly to your house and do your chores for you.
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Quinton Reviews is a Breadtube channel dedicated to discussing film, television, politics, and even internet culture. 
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