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"You don't have to be number one. You just have to be something for somebody."

- Joe Rogan, about his podcast

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Hi, guys. QTR here. I am trying to re-write the way the mainstream thinks about - and talks about - finance and business. I've had enough bullshit, enough stuffy meeting room conversations, enough boring macroeconomic data and enough milquetoast looking guys in bowties to last me for the rest of my life. Let's talk about business and finance like you're sitting next to me drinking a $2 Budweiser bottle at my favorite South Philly bar, OK? I'll promise not to blow smoke up your ass if you promise not to try and bullshit me. As stated on my website, my manifesto is to:
  • expose and counterbalance the inherent long bias and sensationally euphoric nature of financial media
  • raise critical questions about economic theory and monetary policy being used to micromanage our nation's economy
  • introduce and advocate for the idea of sound money and conservative fiscal policy
  • work to "pull the curtain back" on how the world of finance operates behind the scenes, so that the everyday citizen understands
  • provide my unfiltered opinion on current events, speaking honestly and truthfully, as if we were sitting in a bar in south philadelphia
  • further my own learning alongside of my readers, followers and those of any ideology, as long as they are willing to engage in civilized discourse
  • remain open-minded toward any and all ideas until indisputable facts and evidence have been examined

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First, THANK YOU. Without people like you, I wouldn't even have a voice. QTR stands on the shoulders of every single Twitter follower and every single podcast listen and encouraging e-mail I've gotten over the last 5 years. I can't thank you all enough, I'm forever grateful.

Second, some benefits of being a patron. Aside from just generally helping my attempts to act as counterbalance to the mainstream media nonsense (and the warm and fuzzy feeling that should give you) everyone that makes a recurring Patreon donation will get a small e-mail of thanks from me when I get notification when you sign up. Also, new Patreons will get a shout out on the next podcast I do after they sign up. Additionally, older Patreons and recurring Patreons (and those that have been with me for a while) will also get shoutouts and thanks for the longer they stick with me. Patreons will be rewarded with shout outs on my Twitter, as well, provided I know your Twitter handle. Patreons also will get EXCLUSIVE updates on podcast ideas and will be asked for their opinion on content that I put out. I will put up polls and updates on what I am working on only for my Patreons to see on this site. I kindly ask that these updates are not shared with the public. 

Third, any Patreons that are interested in becoming a producer will have a 10 second shoutout on every podcast as a producer (beginning and end of cast) and will also be included in the credits and info of every single podcast. Producer donations are substantial and information can be worked out with me via email if you're interested. [email protected]

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I am trying to get to 2,500 total Patreons in order to be able to put out content on a very frequent basis and make a larger impact on financial media through some plans that I have to expand. It’s not in my nature to be mysterious, but I can’t tell you what, and I can’t tell you why.
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