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About Monica

For the last 2 years, I've been posting original content 5 days a week at, mostly webcomics--silly and serious--along with fresh T-shirt designs, mind-blowing macrophotography featuring extreme closeups of the natural world, and, every Monday, a new mandala. Every penny pledged to this Patreon will help keep QWERTYvsDvorak up and running.

Elegantly asking for money is a skill I've always lacked, but if everyone who read this blog on a regular basis pledged a couple dollars, I could soon afford a new Wacom Tablet that isn't pockmarked with deep gouges across its surface and would better help me bring you more great webcomics, just like I've been doing for 2 years, but drawn with relatively with straight lines.
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I'm pretty sure this is how much WordPress charges my credit card every year to host QWERTYvsDvorak. It's not a lot.
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