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Can you really improve quality of life so easily? All our patrons who are giving $2 or more get: 

* Our undying gratitude for your supportiveness and all our Patreon updates, plus your name in the credits on upcoming QoL-X releases. 

* Access to our online learning activities which you can print and share, including a PDF of “You and Your Squid Brain ~ Can You Think Before You Ink?” 

* Invitations to Dr Mel’s ongoing “QoL-X Lab & Office Hours” online.

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Thank you for playing! You get everything above PLUS  * Personalized videos and art for your favorite squids * Discount codes you can use for items in our Shopify store * Monthly personalized Q&A Voice Message exchange with Dr Mel * other surprises!


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 Thank you for helping cover a few of our costs! At this level, you get everything above PLUS 

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About Dr Mel & The SquidMinders

You’re here?! Welcome to our Patreon Page!! 🦑🧠

We’re making all sort of experiments here, with squid brains, comics for blind and sighted, living libraries and lots of other crazy projects. We’re excited to share them with YOU! We’re very excited. Enthusiastic. A little manic perhaps. This is some of the best work of our lives so we’re thrilled to be inviting you in to play in our pool! 

Why are we creating Quality of Life Experiments?
We at QoL-X feel compelled to help people around the world develop personal methods for improving Quality of Life.

Fantastic new discoveries in neuroscience are coming out all the time -- about how our emotional brains work, how we learn, and how we can make better choices in every moment.

But too few of us know how to use our brains to improve our lives! That's why we are creating experiments for helping people everywhere learn how to improve Quality of Life for ourselves and those we each care about.

Who are the Quality of Life Experiments For?
Everyone can benefit! Our current teachers, parents and kids have loved learning how to use our methods to develop more understanding of themselves and others, along with better self-mastery, crisis preparedness, and resiliency.

How can you SQUID your Squid Brain?
Many of our most popular experiments (the ones we really want to send you!) are designed to help people develop mindfulness and situational-awareness habits. Kids, parents and adults can transform their thinking and reactions by learning how to see and work with the squid-like brains we all have.

is a 5-step method for turning on analytical thinking, anytime something seems not wrong:

Can you Stop and ask Questions to better Understand?
Can you Imagine your choices, then Decide on a plan?

The squid brain we want to SQUID represents our whole "nerved out" nervous system, which runs on reactive autopilot most of the time.

We’ve got a quick story to introduce the squid brain and teach people how to manage it better: “You and Your Squid Brain ~ Can You Think Before You Ink?”

In two minutes, this poem can help change perspectives on how to work with our primal and reactive brains, the driving forces behind everything we say and do.

Every kid and adult facing emotional distress can benefit. Seriously. Check it out and see what you think. We’d love to send you a copy and can make personalized videos for anyone you’d like.

Who are Dr Mel & the SquidMinders?
Here at QoL-X we think of SquidMinders as the people and things that remind us to be more mindful, every day, especially in stressful situations. Everyone here tries to be SquidMinders for ourselves and each other. And we make lots of SquidMinders objects and experiments you can use to Max the QoL in all sorts of ways. Dr Mel (aka the Squid Lady) has been developing Quality of Life Experiments for more than 10 years.

We want to start with a HUGE Shout Out to all our past and current Patrons!
have given us so much time and support over the years to get to this point. We really could not have gotten here without you. With your help, we've been able to reach thousands of people around the world so far, but have only scratched the surface.

So here we are on Patreon, eager to share all the best Quality of Life Experiments with you!  Who doesn't want better Quality of Life? You can help us and we can help you!

Interesting! How does supporting this work here on Patreon help Max the QoL?
First, we want to send you everything we can so you can help Max the QoL for yourself and those you care about. We also want to make ourselves available to help with your own personal efforts, especially for you parents and educators out there reading this! Let us know what you’d like!

We’re also here to help and personalize the materials for your favorite people! We are always happy to hear from you and incorporate your needs and suggestions into our designs. 

What's included in the Patron Rewards?
If you sign up to be a Patron for $2 or more, you’ll be giving us a huge vote of confidence for very little cash. We want to send you our best PDF stories and activities, for kids of every age, ready to print and share.

If you sign up for $7 or more, you’ll be getting even more goodies in the mail, personalized for whomever you want to send them to. You also get Patron discounts in our QoL-X store! We can also make personalized videos of dedicated to whomever you want to share the poem with.

If you sign up $21 or more, beyond everything above, we’ll send:
A full Emotional Emergency Kit (aka The EEK! Bag), personalized for your recipients, to improve anyone’s Crisis Preparedness and Resiliency. Inside the EEK! Bag, you’ll find:
  • Magic Mood Changing Pencils, to soothe the stressed brain
  • SquidMinder “In Case of Crisis” cards, key fobs and magnets, to remind us to SQUID 
  • Glitter Bottle with Dice, great for distracting games
  • Squid Notepad, great for journaling and making lists of your choices,
  • Squid activity pages, for a little art therapy,
  • Tissues, to wipe your eyes or blow your nose,
  • Ear plugs, if you need to block some noise,
  • Healthy food, great if you might be hangry
  • Glow sticks, if the dark is getting to you,
  • Scented Egg Shaker, to help breathe and Shake It Off, and 
  • a dedicated copy of “You and Your Squid Brain ~ Can You Think Before You Ink?”  

If you sign up to be a patron for $42 or more, you get everything above, along with one of our beautiful Squid Plushies, and personal Q&A with Dr Mel. 

For $100 patrons, you get everything above plus ongoing private calls with Dr Mel, ready to help you devise creative problem solving experiments for your own QoL challenges.

For $250 patrons, you’re part of our inner circle of financial supporters, and we are here for you! All sorts of possibilities – we start with a conversation, a needs analysis and go from there. What QoL problems can we help you solve?

All of us can improve our quality of life by becoming more aware of emotions in ourselves and in others, and better at making wise choices in our behavior. Your patronage can help us get more of our work out to both you and the rest of the world.

Want us to do more of this Quality of Life work? Want to get more experiments we come out with something new? Please signup to be one of our Patrons today! And please share with anyone you know who could use more QoL tools themselves!

Very very gratefully, with MuReMuPu,
~ Dr Mel & the SquidMinders

ps - We also want to train anyone who wants to be a SquidMinder on how to research, design and test all sorts of Quality of Life Experiments! Know anyone who'd like some good resume experience? Please share!
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$500 per month makes it possible for us to cover the costs of the administrative support we need in order to get more done every day!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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