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About QuakerSpeak

What is QuakerSpeak?

QuakerSpeak is a weekly Quaker video project from Friends Journal. We interview Friends from all different backgrounds and cover topics ranging from the basics of what you’ll experience in Quaker Meeting to frequently asked questions about Quakers to highlighting stories of Friends today who are following their leadings.

QuakerSpeak videos come out every Thursday.  Anyone can follow along by subscribing with your email address, or following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And of course you can subscribe on YouTube.

Who is the audience?

In the past year, QuakerSpeak reached more 460,000 unique individuals worldwide.  Not bad for a religion that has about 300,000 adherents!

While QuakerSpeak has many regular followers, thanks to the magic of search engines most of our viewers are having their first encounter with Quakers through these videos. More than half of QuakerSpeak's viewers are age 44 or younger.

Some of our most popular videos are aimed at newcomers, while other videos take a deeper dive into a topic of interest. We hear from Friends and seekers all over the world that the project introduced them to the Quaker faith or is helping to deepen their understanding.

To get a sense of our impact, check out this excerpt from a local newspaper story:

I became interested the Quakers one night at about two in the morning. When I get bored, I tend to dive headlong into that rabbit hole that is YouTube.This particular night I was looking for parodies of popular songs. I came across a song called Quaker Off that was a parody of Taylor Swift. Until that very moment, I had no idea that Quakers existed beyond the pages of history books.

After watching that music video, I began to search for other videos about and by Quakers. During that time I found a channel called

I watched fifty-two videos that night.  My mind was made up; I had to get in touch with them and learn about them first hand.

Read the full story here.

Why are we asking for support?

Getting the message out about Quakerism is important. There has never been a better time than now or a more effective tool than YouTube for sparking conversations among Friends and seekers worldwide. And that means you have a tremendous opportunity to help.

We believe in authentic conversations and in keeping our videos accessible to all. That’s the philosophy that has gotten us 2.5 million views worldwide and we hope, the philosophy that will get us the next million. While the expenses of the project are modest, they are real. Friends Journal employs a videographer/producer and has to get him, his cameras, and his gear to Friends with stories to tell. Then once the videos are ready, it takes money to advertise and promote the videos to a diverse audience. It adds up, but it's worth it. With your help, the project will continue to grow and thrive.

How Does Patreon Work?

Is having QuakerSpeak in the world worth a dollar a video to you? If your answer is “Yes,” we would be so grateful for your support. Check out the categories in the right-side column and pick the one that fits your budget! Patreon will ask for some information from you, and your card will get billed at the beginning of each month. In addition to our deep gratitude, you will get the perk that corresponds with your level of giving! Anyone who becomes a Patron at any level gets access to our Patron-only feed, which will include outtakes, extras, and a monthly chat with director Jon Watts. Plus you’ll get a free introductory subscription to Friends Journal online (if you're not already a subscriber!).

Can I Make a One-Time Donation?

Yes!  Any one-time donation for QuakerSpeak can go through our parent organization, Friends Publishing Corporation. Please follow the instructions at friendsjournal.org/donate and write us a note that the contribution is intended for QuakerSpeak. Thank you for your support!

Important note:

If you decide to pledge, at the very end of the check out process, you can opt to add a "monthly max." If you want to be charged $5/month, just say that you want to support one time per month. Otherwise you'll be pledging $5/video and not $5/month.
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