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In 2017 I released the first 3D Christian film in theaters (nation-wide) called Genesis: Paradise Lost. Since then it's helped to save souls around the world and has been met with critical acclaim and even won me the "Best Director of a Documentary in 2018" award by ICFF! I don't say any of this to boast, but rather to show you that I'm a passionate and competent Christian film maker who desperately needs your help!

On June 15th of this year God blessed me and my team with the launching-funds to start our new online series called Quantum. Through crowdfunding on Indiegogo we were able to raise the first $150,000 we needed to launch the series into production! As awesome as that is, however, it's just enough to get us started but it's not enough to sustain us. Even from the start we had $250,000 as our actual goal to comfortably and professionally produce the series. We hope to reach this goal through crowdfunding on Indiegogo, but we also believe that a faster and easier way to reach this goal would be to include monthly help from supporters like you, right here on Patreon!

Here's our original campaign video, where you can see just how amazing Quantum will be!...

Please considering contributing an amount each month to support this incredibly needed series! We are literally modern-day-missionaries with the purpose of saving the lost through film and TV shows. We also believe we can achieve this goal without compromising the word of God, or watering down the message. We have the capability of delivering the highest production quality and maintaining the truth of God's word, but what we don't have are the funds... so that's where you come in! We are the body if Christ, and together we can achieve some amazing results that will have an impact through eternity. Please help us!

$2,609 of $3,000 per month

RENT + POWER + EXPENSES - Now we're at a level where we can actually start to use the extra funds to make a better series! For example, do you remember the archive room in Genesis?... When we showed drawings, figures and artifacts from the past? That was added entirely at the end of the production when we raised the extra funds to do it! It's a great example of what we can steward with what you give!
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