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Donut Bites 🍩

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Thank you so much for supporting me  ♡ 

This is the most affordable tier. With this you gain access to:

  • Bi weekly polls for cute & Colorful Fanart Chibis
  • Access to full resolution chibi images!
  • Access to source chibi files!
  • Invitation to Discord Server!

Includes Discord benefits

Half a Dozen 🍩

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At this tier you have access to all that Donut Bites offers! 

  • Tier 1 Biweekly Chibis
  • Source Files & HD Images

But in addition:

  • You can participate in the Once a Month Request Stream by suggesting cute girls! 
  • Vote weekly for Fanart Weekend Pinups!
  • The Source Files of the Sexy Pinups & any alternate versions!

Includes Discord benefits

Now with Sprinkles! 🍩✨

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per month

This is a big(ish) Tier!! It offers all that Donut Bites & Half A Dozen can give:

  • Tier 1 Biweekly Chibis & their source/HD files
  • Tier 2 Fanart Pinups & their source/HD files
  • Once a Month Request Streams


  • A secret additional monthly poll that would involve stronger adult art of the winner chosen! Always Multivote!
  • Private Art Streams for these drawings.
  • Characters may be fanart or original!
  • My undying love & affection cause omg you doing this for me is an honor 😭
Includes Discord benefits



About QueenAshi

Hello & Welcome to my Patreon Page ♡
My name is Ashi! This is essentially a huge gallery of my art that I offer! I try my best to update here as often as I can. Thank you so much for being patient with me ;; 

What's in it for me though?
  • NSFW variants of Pinups
  • Source Files
  • All of the love stored in my heart ♡

Fanart Weekend? What's That?
Every Monday/Tuesday, a poll of multiple adorable girls will be available. You guys get the opportunity to help me pick what to draw for that weekend & it'll be streamed between Saturday and Monday on my Picarto Channel! There will be at least 2 versions of these drawings with the source file(s) included, so in the end, everyone wins!

Anything beyond Pinups?
Tier 3 offers just that! On top of what the first 2 tiers include, Tier 3 adds on with more risque drawings once or twice a month. It's honestly practice for me & you guys get to see me draw more adult content so win/win!

I can't support you monthly but I still want to send love :( How?
If you can't pledge to my Patreon monthly for your own reasons, there are other ways to send me support/gifts! My Kofi Tip Jar for small tips & hype & then my Amazon Wishlist for things like snacks & other necessities!

I greatly appreciate any & all support ♡ I wouldn't have made it this far without the help of you guys, my adorable followers! Thank you so much for visiting, cheering me on, & helping me grow as a content creator ♡ MUCH LOVE!

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OMG I'D CRY!! Thank you all so much!!

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