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About Queen of Nettles

Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen, and the Fair Folk both Seelie and Unseelie. Welcome to my Great Hall.

My names are many, and if I were to introduce myself, my name of birth is Aileen (Ay-leen— Irish, meaning “bringer of light”). In certain circles I run in I am Wren the Bard, and was given last summer— by a dark-haired laughing wildling sister— the title Queen of Nettles as I sat in a patch of garden nettles singing and picking fresh green tips for tea with a blood-tarnished knife and bare fingers. My preferred habitat, really. 

I am the creator of the #writingsbyaileenmarie and #andthetreesspoke tags on Instagram where I have shared my poetry for a little while now, but have recently begun to share more, including also my voice and song on that platform as well as at mead circles— something I oft kept to myself and long drives in the car. I dabble in an assortment of instruments, my tools of choice being the frame drum and Celtic mandolin (though I have long desired to pick up the violin once more and to learn the banjo). Most often, my maddening rambles and vision-induced creations find their way born from pen to paper and through the voice. 

As I come to a place in my life where my friends continuously ask me when they can finally expect to have a book of mine in their hands, and after over a decade of half-written short stories sitting unpublished in my computer and scribbled scraps of poetry scattered about various journals and blog posts... As I wish to finally move more fully into the bardic arts as a means of both performance and profession, I have decided to create this Patreon. For a writer, a singer, a poet... a Bard, needs Halls to tell stories and sing songs in. They need an audience to listen to their voice, to sit on the edge of their seat, to cry and laugh and drink wine to their music. They need people who need their stories told, too. And they need people to hear the voices of the Ancestors and to Remember. For what is a Bard— not just a Storyteller, but a Story-keeper

I write poetry, most often inspired by my lovers and love of nature. I write prose, short stories, tales of queer love and wild passion, new tellings of old myths and wild imaginings of what was and what could be. I sing of the soul, I sing of wild places and wild women and working dough with the hands and the might of the Sea... 
(And, I also write essays, articles, wellness and mothering posts, and create informational ebooks for my business Awilda We’Moon.)

Current big writing projects I am working on include:

  • A handful of ebooks for Awilda We’Moon
  • A book of love poems { “For the Love of Stars” }
  • A book of writings, both prose and poetry, inspired by the Wildwood, Spirits of Place, and the experiences and thoughts of a hedgewitch { “And the Trees Spoke” }
  • And an anthology of myth and folklore-inspired queer fantasy romance tales

Bardic Projects I want to begin working on include:

  • Start a YouTube channel and share videos of reading my short stories and poetry aloud, as well as new songs 
  • If I get enough support, hiring an artist and collaborating to bring my queer mythic-fantasy romance stories to life with the comic book animation style 
  • Doing commissioned Druid-Poet magical writings for others 

But to continue with my current projects, and to make my future projects a reality, I need your support. And that’s where this Patreon comes into play. By supporting me with your monthly donations, you are supporting my work in the world and you get some pretty awesome perks too, which include (depending on the tier you choose):

  • PDF poem downloads
  • First glimpses of some new poems and short stories
  • PDF short story downloads
  • Behind the scenes look at new ebooks in progress 
  • Patreon-exclusive discounts to purchasing my informational, prose, or poetry books/ebooks as they’re published
  • My Patreon-exclusive bardic blog 
  • Pre-release Song or Story Recordings 
  • Ability to offer me writing prompts for stories you’d like to see written, with you credited for the inspiration in the piece

I am excited to share my gift with you— my stories and the poetry and songs that come from the deepest parts of my being, the wildest parts of my soul. Thank you for your belief in me and your support of my work. See you on the other side~

Aileen Peterson, "Wren the Bard"
Queen of Nettles

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