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As a $1 Patron, you are helping fund my channel in a meaningful way.

  • Access to a Patreon only post stream.
  • Access to hundreds of free tech and web development tutorials on YouTube, knowing that your pledge helped create them.
  • Download the code for on Github.
  • "Ad block forgiveness" - Since you're supporting me directly, I'll forgive you for blocking ads on YouTube.
  • Get your name in the credits. 
2 cups of coffee
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Wow. You must like my content, and you really want to make sure I'm releasing videos often.

Pledging $5.00 is like buying me 2 coffees a month in exchange for everything I can teach you.

  • All the same benefits as a $1.00 patron, with the provided comfort knowing I'm enjoying my morning's cup of coffee on you for teaching you something new.
The freelancer
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This is about the hourly rate of a freelance developer in my country. If you earn your living as a software developer and feel my work on YouTube has saved you an hour or more of your time, or if my work enables you to do work you could not do before, this is a highly appreciated contribution.

  • The same benefits as lower pledges
  • I'll send make any paid paid Udemy course I create free for you. Simply DM me and I'll generate a 100% off discount code.




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Hey Patrons!
My name is Quentin, and I make YouTube videos about pretty much anything to do with web development. On my channel you'll find free tutorials teaching you valuable skills that you'll need to work get a career in tech. 

Why Pledge?
Your career is important to you, and I aim to make content that will help you advance as a software developer. In return, you can pay any amount that fits your budget, so you can think of it as buying me a coffee in exchange for teaching you something new in every video. 

Your pledge helps me keep my content available for free and available to everyone. This means career changing content can reach people who need it most, but can't afford to pay for expensive courses. 

Your pledge also rewards me for my efforts, as some videos take often take hours to plan, film and edit. Work that would otherwise go unpaid or be left at the mercy of YouTube ad revenue, which often leaves smaller creators like myself below the poverty line.
$23.58 of $550 per month
If we reach this goal, I could rent a different studio space with better lighting and get my kitchen out of the background of my videos. :)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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