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Hi! I'm "a quiet misdreavus". You can call me Grey.

I've been hanging out and helping out in the Rust community for almost a couple years now (got up and running around August 2016). In that time, I've written a Twitter library that has helped people get their feet wet with the language, mentored newcomers to the language by answering questions in the "rust-beginners" IRC chatroom, and started contributing to the official documentation tool, rustdoc!

Over time I've shifted from being an educator in the community to being a contributor. Now, I'm the lead member of the Rustdoc Team, helping organize issue triage and reviewing new contributions to the documentation tool, as well as providing operations support for the community documentation host, docs.rs. Rustdoc and docs.rs have a lot of users and a lot of bug reports and feature requests, but not a lot of people who contribute to them primarily. Over the time I've been involved with rustdoc, I've seen it develop into one of the most respected documentation tools in open-source. It's incredibly rewarding to see so many people depend on the tools I help oversee.

Which brings me to this page. As engaging as it is, working on the Rust project is not my day job, so my time and energy for it is limited. With your help, I would like to change that. Each contribution, no matter how small, brings me closer to being able to take this full-time. Thank you for your consideration; here's to the future!

In an effort to create a community around documentation tooling in Rust, I've created a Discord server where people can come hang out. (This is not a replacement for the official Rust discord! It's just a place where I can feel better about posting in-progress thoughts and build rapport with people who may want to know what's going on in the world of rustdoc and docs.rs.) This is intended to be a fun hangout space to chat about Rust things (and non-Rust things) outside the official and community Rust spaces.

Because it's a space i control, I can also provide things like Discord roles and private channels for patrons! In return for your support here, I can provide a semi-private space which i can pay a little more attention to than the more general chatrooms and servers.
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Office Hours! At this point I'll grab a headset and start regular livestreaming so I can take questions and show off what I'm working on while on stream!
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