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FiM Fanfiction Writing Duo

Over 1,500,000 Words and Growing!

Welcome to the Quill & Blade Patreon Page. We are Anzel and Crystal, and we work together to write several stories set in the "Quill & Blade" alternate universe of Equestria, including but not limited to:

As you can see, we love to write! Between the two of us, we have written over 1,500,000 words since November 2014. We are dedicated to continuing to provide more stories of the characters our readers love as well as new ones to add to the list.

Regardless of whether you support or not, you will have access to all the same chapters as Patrons.  There will never be any gated or locked content.  We won't hide anything aside from drafts behind a "pay wall", for lack of a better word.  All stories and their chapters will be publicly available for free, no matter what.

We try to be as transparent as we can be. At any time, if asked, we will post a report showing exactly where every dollar of this Patreon is going—convention expenses, Patron rewards, charities, etc. You have the right to know where your money is being spent!

Currently, we support the following charities:
- Community Music School in Raleigh, NC
Conservators Center in Burlington, NC
Fisher House Foundation
North Carolina Public Radio
Operation Homefront

Thank you for taking a look at our Patreon. Whether you support with your wallet, by being a reader, or being a part of our Discord server, you're greatly appreciated! If you're shy about donating at the $1, don't be. It's not an insult, otherwise we wouldn't offer it. We'd rather have 50 $1 Patrons than 1 $50 Patron!

But wait! What do I get?!

We offer a few different thank-you gifts for those who support, but in general our focus is on writing stories, not delivering rewards. Some of the bonuses a Patron will receive include:

Patron Discord Channel — All Patrons will be granted access to their own special, private text and voice channels on the Quill & Blade Discord server.

Bi-Monthly "Q&B+U" Art Piece — Every even-numbered month (i.e., February, April, etc.), we will draw a name of a Patron to have their OC (or someone else's, with permission) in a piece of art with a Q&B character of their choice.

Bi-Monthly "U+U" Art Piece — Every odd-numbered month (i.e., January, March, etc.), we will draw a name of a Patron at the $10 tier or higher to have one or two of their OCs (or someone else's, with permission) in a piece of art.
$258 of $500 per month
All Patrons get to make a "friendly character" in the RPG.
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