is creating metalworking, electronics, machine shop, and fab projects!
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About Blondihacks

Puzzled by that video? Intrigued? Threw up in your mouth a little? Head over to the Blondihacks YouTube or the Blondihacks Blog and see what that was all about.

I like to make stuff. I like to break stuff. I like to remake and rebreak stuff. I also like to make up words, apparently. I like to write about stuff I make, break, remake, and rebreak. So I guess that means I like to make up words and then use them in sentences.

Nothing is safe from my meat-hooks. Software, hardware, firmware, puppyware (it's a thing- look it up), you name it. I'll hack anything that isn't nailed down. If it's nailed down, I'll pry it loose so I can hack it. Then I'll nail it back down, because I'm not a jerk. It was probably nailed down for a reason, right?

I do my best to write up all my experiences on my blog, Blondihacks, and my YouTube channel. By becoming my Patron, you will be charged your pledge amount each month, and you'll gain access to exclusive content like behind-the-scenes Lens videos, project plans, and other goodies. I typically post a video every week and a blog post every two weeks. Each article and video has many hours of research, building, writing, photography, and editing put into them.

I hope that people like my projects and my writing enough to consider supporting me. Thanks, Patrons!
100 – reached! patrons
If I can reach 100 Patrons, I'll start a new blog series on my homebrew computer, Veronica! It's my most popular electronics project, and I've heard fans ask for more!
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