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About QuinnsanityQ

Hey there!
I´m just a weird german guy who really wants to make art and have fun with it!
So if you´re interested in comics, characterdesign and all that stuff, I´d be super happy to have you on board :D
Of course I´d love to make money with art, wich is also why I´m currently attending an art school where I get to learn all the necessary skills and techniques to do just that! 

Why support me?
I´d love to keep drawing comics, characterdesigns and all that fun stuff! And you helping me out by beeing a Patreon would enable me to spend more time on those things than I do now, wich is obviously something that I´d love to do!

But of course you´d also get rewards! Everything from sneak peeks to sketches and more!

So thank you for checking out my page and have an amazing day!

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