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Money is tight for everyone.  It's so easy to just keep watching videos for free but would feel much better to contribute.  3 bucks a video isn't much but it would mean a great deal to Quint, especially if more people like you choose to do it.  If it gets to be too much, cancel at any time.
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Most of us wouldn't notice a missing five bucks every 4-6 weeks, but I bet you'd notice if Quint BUILDs stopped publishing videos!  This is the amount I've personally been contributing to multiple channels for some time.  I get a lot of inspiration from them and want to make sure the content will be there the next time I'm ready to watch. 
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You know how much it takes to make this content and you're willing to give a little more to make it happen.  If you've never posted an educational video it's hard to imagine how difficult it is.  Every amount is greatly appreciated and really helps the bottom line.
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