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Sarah Golding here how are ya?

Quirky Voices exists to help spread story telling fun....to inspire, to create and collaborate!

Hello! So....who is Quirky Voices? Well...'s me! Sarah Golding. ... I'm a Voice Actor, Director, Writer, Teacher, Mum and new audio producer. Have voiced some truly fun characters in Amelia Podcast, Edict Zero, Subjective Truth, 1994 pod, Minefire, Wynabego Warrior, Bells in the Batfry, Attention Hellmart Shoppers, Liberty Podcast, Magic Momsters and Mayhem and more, and enjoyed a groovy stint as Podhost for The Audio Drama Production Podcast.

I have been and continue to aim to produce some original audio drama from my brain from the autumn of 2018 to ...right now! Including working on 11th hour horror shows ( Audio Drama Network) as writer, director, producer and voice actor somewhere.

Quirky Voices aims to be continuosly in collaboration with other brilliant AD creatives (like the wonderful Audioblivious team - do check out their works of joy), and folks from the Audio Drama Hub community and beyond who want to work on something funnnn and more....So, this is the start Of getting your support, and I hope you'll be intrigued and join in with my plans of joy...!

This year, I have released MADIVA, The Moonologue Sessions and 2 live audio drama experiences, with one more in the pipeline. The London Podcast Festival housed the Dashingly Quirky live show with 2 winning scripts performed and teched by some Wonderfully talented folks from many shows you'd recognise if you love your audio drama! Layla Katib, James Oliva, Karim Kronfli, Maxamillian John, Hedley Knights and Fiona Thraille - legends all!

MADIVA Podcast - Modern Audio Drama Indie Voice Acting Podcast - is something I've been working on and has been on a few months hiatus as I earn money and changed employment - but it will continue to release very soon - November 5th in fact! And earlier for Patreon supporters so Hurray! The rest of this second season has delights from Sarah Rhea- Werner, John Osborne-Hughes, Julia Morizawa, Tom Crowley, Layla Katib, The Hughouse team and Karim Kronfli!

MADIVA PODCAST is an informative and groovy podcast for getting those wanting to voice act in audio drama active and inspired, to hone their craft, and gain the confidence to crack on and just get on with it....I share things I've learnt in the last five years of being a part of this amazing AD community. Some of those acting, producing and working in it in various other capacities will hopefully join me in some eps, and share their experiences too! I don't profess to be the best by any means, and often doubt myself as a creative, but am all about sharing and encouraging and this is why I am creating Modern Audio Drama Indie Voice Acting Podcast. 

THANK YOU to my first year Patreons - all of you - even if you've popped in and out! You have first access to my writings and process of creating new audio drama, and the struggles I am certain I'll face, and am facing....and hopefully how I solve them via mini blogs only published here. 

You'll also be able to have a chat about anything AD here and get you motivated to crack on. If ya wanna - up to you!

I aim to potentially run a few AD encouraging events like a script writing comp to find some new audio drama to create, and auditions for many of my shows may be open to patreon supporters before anyone else to ask questions or get info before general public does.

This next year will see me running a few voice acting workshops too. I am very excited about these indeed. Just need more time to fit them in!

I think that's it for now!

Shall we play? 

Happy creating all

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I'm gonna pull out the uke

And maybe the kazoo and spoons but i don't want to spoil you
<smiley face>
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