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  • The UnCertain Knowledge that you have very possibly helped save the world by capturing the forces of doom in the Oracle of Death and Destruction. (One of several ongoing projects)

And  YES it is TOTALLY OK  to pledge at this level;  small donations are what fuels crowdfunding! 

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  • Awesome-Possum Digital Downloads of printable stuff, including digital images, trading or tarot cards, coloring pages, productivity tools, and whatever else the Qwirks dream up. You're guaranteed at least 2 printable things each a month suitable for papering your desktop, your fridge or your birdcage! This is still evolving, and may change in the future. 
  • The UnCertain Knowledge  that you have possibly helped spiritually enlighten and  confuse the world by supporting the creation of the Qwirk Tarot deck (one of several ongoing projects) 

PLUS! The Appropriately Odd perks... WOOT!

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  • Want to build your Qwirk Tarot Card collection as we go? This is your level, Baby! Each month I'll print up and mail you 1-2 of the Qwirk Tarot cards! Woot! Mind you, this level includes ONLY the Tarot cards, and it may not always include ALL of them  (depending on how many get designed each month) To get the super-secret limited edition bonus surprise cards, the disaster cards, etc, you'll need to bump it to the next level!. (You'll periodically be able to catch up on any cards you may have missed, too)

you'll get all of the Odd & Peculiar perks, too!




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About Tori Deaux

NOTICE: The Brain Weasels are coming, the Brain Weasels are coming!
A new project to help wrangle the gnawing, nagging and flat out nasty voices in our heads.
Details soon -- join or follow for the quickest updates. For now, back to the previously scheduled info page... Read On!


I'm creating a series of illustrations, card decks and figurines that celebrate quirkiness. You can support the project by scrolling to the bottom of the page and pledging a monthly amount. 

What's A Qwirk?

Qwirks are personifications of our personal human oddities -  Totems of  Weirdness, if you will. They've come into this world with a mission: to help humans learn the unique-and-special-snowflake value of our quirks.   

But The Qwirks Need Help With
Their Mission… YOUR Help! 

Bringing a Qwirk into this world, house-training it and then finding it a forever home? It takes money, and the exchange rate for their native currency pretty much sucks.   So to cover expenses, they're seeking sponsors. 

For as little as $1 a month, you can become an official patron for one of these little guys, and help them find forever homes in offices, studios, shops and schools,  where their messages are  most needed. If you can give more than $1, that's great! The Qwirks will toss a few extra perks your way. But whatever the amount, your contribution will help keep the qwirkitivity flowing in the studio labs.

Your Patronage Will Help Fund Projects Like:

  • A Tarot deck, with Qwirks!  (in progress)
  • A Series on Mental Health & Invisible Illness (in progress)
  • Qwirks of the Arts, Sciences, and Inspirations (in progress)
  • 3D Printed Qwirks (which are SO  cool!) (prototype printed! )
  • #QuirkBombs!  -Community art projects that unleash the Qwirks on an unprepared public - kaBOOM!

Who's Behind All This?  

Hi, I'm Tori Deaux -  midwife, momma, and Chief Shepherdess to the Qwirks.  But you know the saying “It takes a village to raise a child?”  It takes a tribe to herd a Qwirk, and I'm just one soul... so I'm gathering that tribe. Together, we'll make sure the Qwirks explode into the world in a stampede of awesome. 

Or something like that. 

Stampedes and explosions aside, I'm an artist, writer, and web-wrangler with an entrepreneurial spirit. I see beauty in uniqueness and in sameness; I'm fascinated in the way both are represented in each and every human being.   The Qwirks are my own little ambassadors,  a way of sharing my perspective and vision.  I'm running this Patreon Campaign so I can get them out into the world more quickly, and I'd welcome your support.

Erm... Patreon? What's Patreon??

Patreon is a crowd-funding platform for creatives - sort of alternative financing for the arts.  Instead of trying to get a loan from a bank, a grant from a university, or support from a few rich patrons, creators appeal directly to their everyday fans for financial support.  One small donation at a time, amounts can really add up.

You probably know about other crowd-funding sites, like KickStarter or IndieGoGo. They're meant to raise large sums of money for single big projects, in advance of the work being done. Patreon is a bit different; the platform raises smaller amounts of money for *ongoing* creative efforts, which are paid for one small piece at a time. And pledges are collected from the project's Patrons only AFTER each piece of work is complete. That means less risk for supporters, and more incentive for creators to get off our butts and get to work.

So How Do I Become a Patron for the Qwirks? 

Just scroll to the bottom of this page, and pledge a per-month amount (as little as $1). Patreon will walk you through creating your account and setting up your pledge.  You can cancel at any time, or change your support level at any time, for any reason,  no questions asked.     

Do I Have To Remember To Send The Money? 

Nope! It's all automated.  You select your monthly pledge amount and the perks you want, enter your payment information,  then sit back and enjoy your new found status as a Patron of the Arts!  At the beginning of each month, Patreon will automatically charge your registered payment method for the previous months pledge.  

So What Happens Now?

  •  You become a Patron of the Qwirks by selecting an option below.
  •  I stop fussing with this campaign, and start making Qwirks.    
  •  The Qwirks get on with the business of being Qwirky.  
  •  The World becomes a happier, quirkier place!

$136.11 of $275 per month

The Qwirks and I both need some serious training on digital work, and we've found JUST the course to do it:
An 18 month digital painting program taught by a former Disney Artist.   This level of funding will also cover upgrading our software to a proper Photoshop subscription I'll need for the class. 

PLUS! A postcard for YOU, and one for YOU and... POSTCARDS FOR EVERYONE!!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 42 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 42 exclusive posts

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