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About The R.A.F.O.N. Report

R.A.F.O.N. refers to the “Rise And Fall Of Nations”

This is nothing new, but is something that is very old, and exists all around you.

This  is not a place for our detractors and/or opposition; they have their own mediums.

Whether or not you believe it, there is a Global System in development every day of your life....................... many attempt to tell people of this and we're called nuts, crackpots, right-wing republican neocon tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists.

There is no 1 World Government coming; it's already here, but largely operates in backrooms; hidden and out of public sight. It grows in reach, power, wealth and strength, every day; history has recorded many revolutions against the overlords of this planet; and many of them were even staged by the very Elite themselves.

Some call this the Illuminati, but it has been known by thousands of names over over thousands of years. .

The R.A.F.O.N. Report seeks to be an avenue of communication; and a place for the exchange of information, for those looking for something more, than just “being awake”.

Everybody’s “awake” to different things; and even in and among some of the beliefs that multiple people are aware of, each may be “awake” at different levels from one another.

I don’t claim “inside sources”, nor am I “connected” to anyone with secret/classified intel.

I’m an American who is deeply concerned for his country.

To a large degree, Americans need to stop focusing on our “enemies” that are “over there” outside the U.S., and need to turn their attention, focus, concern, worry and efforts, inward, because we’ve got more than enough domestic issues, that need to be confronted.

I don’t claim to know everything, I don’t claim to be right on everything, I don’t EXPECT/DEMAND anyone to listen to me at all, I sure as heck don’t see myself as a savior; and I know I am; and can be, wrong on things, and I can be fooled by/with bad information, just like everybody else.

As to dealing with the most obvious: For those who wish to flatly deny any 1 World Order/Government exists, please explain the United Nations. After all, they do set International Law. 

Stick around, this journey’s just getting started.
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