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Hi, most of you will know me as the RC Tractor Guy from my YouTube channel which has been growing steadily over the last few months. I've also been documenting my model making journey with the website since 2012. The RC Tractors website and my YouTube channel are all about adding radio controlled functionality to static diecast models. The models I convert can be farm or construction models and I try to add every function that the real machine has (if I can fit the electronics in). Most of the models require more functions than can be provided cheaply with standard RC components or the components are too big for 1:32 scale models so I try to design systems that anyone can make cheaply themselves. I base my designs on cheap, readily available Ardiuno boards so that with the minimum of effort anyone can learn to create detailed RC models. Here is an example of some of my creations, a radio controlled 1:32 scale John Deere 8360RT model with a Krampe Half-Pipe working alongside the Siku Control 32 models of the Moneydarragh Farm and Agri Contractors.

I recently invested in a 3D printer which is making the builds a little simpler but it takes a lot of trial and error to get the models perfected. A benefit of being a patrons is you will have access to my perfected 3D printed files. I try to design them so that you need to do minimal modifications to your store bought model, in most cases just undo a few screws and bolt in the 3D printed parts. Here is an example of a Kane silage trailer conversion I've been working on.

I'm also working on designs for new PCBs and kits which can be used to build RC tractors. I'm working on an RC controller using an NRF24L01 radio module, two joystick and four sliding potentiometers which should be able to control everything from a tractor with a round bale wrapper to a to an excavator. Here is an early prototype.  

A more challenging design I'm working on is a controller design which will have two xbox joysticks and two sliding potentiometers to control the RC models we create. Finally I have an idea for an Arduino based board with inbuilt motor driver to fit inside these small scale models making the RC conversion process much easier.

Patronage breakdown
If you decide to become a patron then your donation will help to cover a lot of expenses associated with the website and the youtube channel but a simple way to look at it would be to think of the Youtube channel only. A $1 per month donation is spread over a minimum of 4 RC conversion videos per month so you are spending maximum $0.25 per video. That's a total annual spend of $12 (~10 euro) for a minimum of 52 videos or more than 520 minutes of footage.

Do I need to pay to see your videos now?
No, you wont have to pay to see any of my content it will always be freely available to anyone who wants it. You can watch the videos, read the blog or website and use the forum all for free. This is simply an opportunity for those who find the content entertaining or informative to help support its creation.

How will my donation help?
Your donation will primarily help with the expenses associated with hosting and the editing and uploading of at least one video per week to the RC Tractor Guy youtube channel.  With increased funds I can invest in more expensive models for future videos for example see if a Wiking model can easily be converted without destroying the model or try to convert harvester models.  I can purchase a wider range of motors, servos or electronics to review for example boards designed to expand the functionality of control 32 models. I can purchase SIKU Control 32 models to disassemble and discuss adding additional LEDs or new features.  I can design and test PCBs for RC conversion as I will have the funds to order the components and tools to properly develop the boards. If this really took off I might even be able to get custom motors designed and manufactured which would fit into the models easily and have a choice of speeds and torques to your different models. In particular a dual motor set up which would mean we could imitate a differential and improve the turning circle of our models.  

Thanks for watching
Thanks to all you guys who watch the videos and visit my website. I enjoy making the videos and running the website so with any luck I'll be able to do it for a long time to come. Hopefully I'll be talking to some of you on the forum so until then as always thanks for watching.

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts

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